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VITA-C 80 Powder

VITA-C 80 Powder

0.16 oz./4.5g

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🌸 DERMA FACTORY VITA-C 80 Powder is a DIY powder that contains more than 80% of pure vitamin C with an excellent whitening effect, making dull and rough skin clear and lively.

🌸 Contains more than 80% of British pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid), not vitamin extracts or vitamin derivatives, to provide powerful brightening, elasticity, and skin tone care effects.

🌸 When you do not have cosmetics with the desired effect due to complex skin problems, or when you want to increase the efficacy of existing skin care products, this powder is a truly customized skin care product that you can mix with other skincare products and use as you wish to suit your skin.

🌸 Vitamin C powder, which is easily deteriorated due to being vulnerable to light, air, and heat, can be used fresh for a long time without oxidation, deterioration, or clumping by applying Derma Factory's unique encapsulation method.

🌸 Derma Factory's special micro-grinding method was applied to create fine powder particles. The particles are finely ground to improve spreadability and absorption and to mix smoothly with other skin care products without hardening or clumping.

🌸 Caution) For morning use,  it is recommended to add sunscreen. You may feel a slight tingling sensation when using vitamin C products for the first time. Please avoid simultaneous use with products that affect dead skin cells, such as AHA, BHA, and retinol. Do not mix directly with cosmetics, take an appropriate amount in your hand and mix it before use.

🌸 The appropriate amount for one use is about 1/3 of the volume of a small coin (0.05g).



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