Driven by his firm belief in the healing power of precious botanicals,  the founder’s vision of AMORE PACIFIC was simple but profound: Sung-Hwan Suh wanted to restore traditional Korean tea culture and share it with the world. In 1979, he discovered the barren lands of Jeju Island—a place where only he had the foresight to see opportunity. Tucked between mountains and the ocean, the land was covered with volcanic rocks and ashes. Rock by rock, Sung-Hwan Suh slowly uncovered the exceptionally fertile volcanic soil—10 times richer in minerals than normal soil.

The soil was not the only thing that made Jeju Island the optimal environment for green tea to flourish. The cool mountain breeze combined with the humid ocean wind created the perfect climate, while the slight incline of the field allowed sunlight to evenly touch every inch of the garden. Convinced the benefits of green tea could be experienced in more ways than just drinking it, he went on to set up a research center to study, extract and formulate green tea as a beauty ingredient, pioneering the use of green tea in skincare.