Hi all,

Thanks for visiting our shop. You may be hooked up with our provocative advertisement like "selling cheaper than Amazon". Of course, we sell many worldwide popular items cheaper than Amazon by 10~20% and even more. But actually, we are more than just selling cheap.

Here you can see many things which you can't see in other online shops. We sell a horse oil cream which may sound weird. But this horse oil cream is a steady seller in Korea (4.8/5 +6800 reviews in Korea). For a long time, we have been observing some kind of preference discrepancy between Korea and other foreign countries. The horse oil cream is a good example. Even within a brand, this preference difference persistently exists. COSRX Snail Mucin Cream is one of the most popular Korean skincare products across brands on a global basis. But in Korea, it does not even belong to the TOP 10 LIST within the COSRX brand.

Don't get us wrong. We highly respect your preference. Every preference and every choice must be respected. But what if there are many alternatives out of your sight? Korea is hell to cosmetic brands and heaven to consumers. Even today many brands launch their new cosmetics with great ambition and many other brands are dripping tears for their failure. The competition is unimaginably intense like becoming a K-pop star.

There are various local K beauty brands that finally survived out of this hellish competition in a certain niche. Their review counts are sometimes more than the global K beauty brands in Korea. Restaurants run by large companies are safe and good as expected. But at the same time, we take the risk to try local ones with a unique characteristic. We definitely continue to sell global best-sellers like COSRX, LANEIGE, Dr. Jart+, etc. This is our bread and butter. But we don't neglect to introduce hot local brands on top of the current trend in Korea as well.

Even though you live maybe 5,000 miles away from us, we are all K beauty lovers in the end. So we are hoping that our different aspects help your K beauty experience become more versatile and vibrant. See you.



Best Korean Skincare Team