Collection: LHA

🌸 Lipohydroxy Acid (LHA) is a derivative of Salicylic acid with unique properties. Due to its proven effectiveness, Salicylic acid (BHA) is already very famous in skincare for acne-prone skin, but LHA may be something new. Though both ingredients have a common root and goal of exfoliation, LHA is getting more attention recently because of its gentler but still just as effective abilities. The study sums up LHA’s strength succinctly as being “skin renewing, exfoliating, and acne treating”.

🌸 Studies have found that LHA seeps through skin at a gradual rate with a “cell-by-cell exfoliation,” lowering the risk of an allergic reaction. This also enables a thorough process of unclogging pores and lifting away dead skin.

🌸 LHA’s pH level is close to our skin’s ideal level (5.5) which decreases the risk of irritation when applied. Furthermore, LHA is active mainly on the skin’s outermost keratin layer, making it safer to use even for super-sensitive skin.