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Prime Expert Ex Boosting Toner + Essence Lotion Set

Prime Expert Ex Boosting Toner + Essence Lotion Set

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🌸 AHC Prime Expert Ex Boosting Toner 130ml + AHC Prime Expert Ex Essence Lotion 130ml

🌸 AHC Prime Expert EX Skincare Set is a total anti-aging skincare that improves 5 major skin concerns: wrinkles, dryness, loss of elasticity, uneven skin tone, and texture.

🌸 Enriched moisturizing formula wraps gently around the skin to keep skin firm and supple. Active ingredients help improve skin's moisture-oil balance to control excessive oil, leaving a moist and healthy glow.

🌸 Gold Retinol capsulized in a dermal-like structure, with enhanced absorption and stability, provides total care for all major skin concerns.

🌸 The Multilayer liposome capsule technique (patent #10-1507886) allows timed distribution of active ingredients, instead of immediately unleashing all the nutrients upon first contact. By concentrating lipo-amino acid around the liposome walls, this method delivers enhanced results compared to previous liposome technology.

🌸 Also, Fullerene and E.G.F. (Human Oligopeptide) with Nobel Prize–winning technology provide skin with resilience and volume. Lastly, 5 Star-Zone Solution Peptides (SYN-STAR, SYN-AKE, SYN-COLL, SYN-HYCAN) provide concentrated care to the star zone of the face to nurture healthy and resilient skin. 


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