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Nosca9 Trouble Cream+Serum Duo Set (Cream: 45ml + 5ml / Serum: 15ml)

Nosca9 Trouble Cream+Serum Duo Set (Cream: 45ml + 5ml / Serum: 15ml)

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🌸 Cream: 45ml + 5ml  /  Serum: 15ml

🌸 Formulated with 10,000ppm of Heparin RX Complex and Ceramide complex (EOP, NS, AS, AP, NP), FATION Nosca9 Trouble Cream effectively calms irritated or acne-prone skin while providing instant hydration by strengthening the skin barrier to keep moisture in and irritants out.

🌸 Sodium heparin is a premium ingredient that is not commonly used in cosmetics and is excellent for soothing the damaged skin barrier. Panthenol with a high moisture retention capacity offers a high moisturizing effect on the skin barrier and a soothing effect on the skin.

🌸 Rapid-some™ is FATION's proprietary biotechnology that allows particles containing active ingredients to be quickly and effectively absorbed into the skin by flexibilizing them based on the structure of the stratum corneum. skin irritation tested.

🌸 This lightweight moisturizing cream melts on skin as softly as a serum. Then it absorbs into skin without any sticky feeling.


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