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Hyobidam Fermented Skincare Set

Hyobidam Fermented Skincare Set

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🌸 Fermented Toner (150ml+20ml), Fermented Emulsion (150ml+20ml), Fermented Essence 5ml, Fermented Cream 10ml, Fermented Eye Cream 5ml, Sleeping Mask 40ml.

🌸 Sooryehan Hyobidam Fermented Skincare Collection features the exclusive ingredient Baekhyodan, which significantly reduces fine lines and deeply hydrates the skin for a youthful appearance.

🌸 This collection includes Wild Ginseng sourced from the pristine environments of Mount Jiri, renowned for its powerful age-defying properties.

🌸 Enjoy a lightweight yet luxurious texture in Sooryehan Hyobidam Fermented collection. The concentrated formula effortlessly absorbs, leaving your skin feeling supple and lustrous without heaviness. Experience elegance in skincare.

🌸 Sooryehan defies age and beauty through traditional herbal medicinal methods. By using Korean Ginseng from the nature of Korea as the base ingredient, perfecting and extracting its skincare potential through Korean Herbal Medicine Cosmetics (Hanbang) Bio-Technology, Sooryehan is the full embodiment of eternal beauty through creating skincare products to help your skin achieve its glowing and ageless potential.


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