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Essential Comfort Duo Set

Essential Comfort Duo Set

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🌸 Sulwhasoo Essential Comfort Duo Set features the perfect pair of Sulwhasoo's Essential Comfort Balancing Water and Essential Comfort Balancing Emulsion to balance hydration, visibly even skin texture, and overall achieve radiant-looking skin.

🌸 The full-sized Essential Comfort Balancing Water included in this set features a quick-absorbing moisturizing toner that delivers an instant surge of hydration while balancing the skin's oil, to water content for silky, radiant-looking skin.

🌸 Essential Comfort Balancing Emulsion, also included in full size, delivers a sheer layer of hydrating lotion that wraps the skin in comforting moisture while leaving skin looking velvety and luminous.

🌸 Essential Balancing Water 150ml + 15 ml

🌸 Essential Balancing Emulsion 125ml + 15 ml

🌸 First Care Activating Serum 8ml

🌸 Essential Comfort Firming Cream 5ml


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