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Bon Extra Moisture Skincare Set

Bon Extra Moisture Skincare Set

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🌸 Bon Extra Moisture Skin Toner (160ml +20ml), Bon Extra Moisture Emulsion Lotion (130ml +20ml), Bon Extra Moisture Cream 10ml, Bon Firming Eye Cream 5ml, and Bon Cleansing Foam 40ml

🌸 Sooryehan Bon Extra Moisture Skincare Set is formulated with the key ingredient of fermented Ginseng Extract, proven effective in helping reduce signs of aging, promoting elasticity and collagen production, reducing puffiness, and enhancing skin’s radiance.

🌸 Sooryehan’s exclusive herbal water-drip technology where the whole ginseng plant (roots, stems, leaves) undergoes a 100-hour long extraction process to ensure all actives are potent and retain their full potential.

🌸 Defying age and beauty through traditional herbal medicinal methods, by using Korean Ginseng from the natures of Korea as the base ingredient, perfecting and extracting its skincare potential through Korean Herbal Medicine Cosmetics (Hanbang) Bio-Technology, Sooryehan is the full embodiment of eternal beauty through creating skincare products to help your skin achieve its glowing and ageless potential.


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