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TOP 5 Retinol Skincare Products by Korean Consumers in 2022

This is the list of the most popular Korean retinol skincare products picked by Korean consumers. The rank is based on the aggregate review data of major online shops in Korea.


1.Dr. Different VITALIFT-A Retinal Cream

KOREA:⭐4.6/5 (+6,600 reviews)    

AMAZON:⭐4.3/5 (+124 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Effect: I've seen effects that I've never felt before after a month of using this. I have a slightly darker skin tone, but my skin has become noticeably more transparent. It's slightly different from the concept of whitening, but I really like it.

Breakout: This time, as always, my precious skin rebelled, and whenever pimple came up, I touched it with my hand, and it became red and unsightly. My breakout that always take several months to disappear is almost gone by 3 weeks with this cream and the skin is clear again in a month. The pores are getting narrower, so the skin texture is much better

Irritation: It was my first time using a retinol-based product, so I gave it about two weeks to get used to it because I was afraid it might irritate my skin. I apply it once every two days, but I only applied about three rice grain size Fortunately, there is no irritation, and now I use it almost every day.


2. innisfree Retinol CICA Repair Ampoule

KOREA:⭐4.7/5 (+5,000 reviews)  



🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Brightening:Trouble pigmentation improved so quickly, I really recommend it ㅜㅜ I bought 30ml and ordered a larger dose in 3 days or so. It took about a month for the dark red spots to disappear completely, but after using this, it disappeared in 2 weeks.

Irritation: Even though retinol is the main ingredient, there was no stinging on the skin because it was mild!! Also, I just applied it around the eyes and there was no irritation such as stinging or stinging. So I think this ampoule is suitable for beginners like me to use!

Pimple: The word "God"tinol comes out of itself. I applied it twice in the morning and evening before the Chuseok holiday, and the visible pimple around the chin has completely disappeared.


3. IOPE Retinol Expert 0.1%

KOREA:⭐4.6/5 (+4,700 reviews)



🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Wrinkle: I was scared of retinol irritation, so I applied it every other day, in the evening, for a week or so, if I thought there would be some trouble, I applied it without even two days.Really,,,, it works dramatically,,,The wrinkles under the eyes and the wrinkles that appeared in my early 30's under the eyes and above the cheekbones have noticeably decreased.

Absorption: It goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly! Is your face irritating because your face is dry? I used it after thoroughly applying skin lotion before using retinol, so I don't have any dead skin cells or troubles. I use it a lot because it feels like pores are tightening or freckles are fading!

Irritation: On the first day of use. I was worried that my skin would react sensitively, but fortunately there are no stinging, redness, or bitterness. It absorbs better than I expected, and I am really looking forward to it after 1 month.


4. LANEIGE Perfect Renew Youth Retinol Pro

KOREA:⭐4.7/5 (+2,100 reviews)


   LANEIGE Perfect Renew Youth Retinol Pro

🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Effecti: It suits my skin well, so I am looking forward to the effect and will continue to use it.

Wrinkle reduction: These days, I am really worried about the pores and fine wrinkles that get bigger as I get older, but if you have the same problem as me, you should buy this.

Scent: It doesn't smell like mom's massage cream, but it smells like a flower


5. DERMA FACTORY Retinal 300ppm Cream

KOREA:⭐4.8/5 (+2,000 reviews)



🚩Review summary (translated to English)

 Effect: I applied a lot from the first day and it turned red, itchy, and there were dead skin cells due to the turnover effect. When I contacted the seller, they told me to stop using it for a while and moisturize well, so I used the barrier cream I ordered together and reapplied it frequently. It's been about three days since I did that, and there was no sting and the redness had subsided a lot. And when I look at my skin with fresh water... I only have spots on the side that connects the eye area and the cheekbones, so I applied only that part, and my skin is very shiny.. Really.. it's getting smooth

Irritation: It's the first time I've seen a functional product at such a low price, so it's not burdensome to try and it's good It's the first time I've tried a retinal type, and it seems to work without irritation.

High Content: Derma Factory contains only high content of really effective ingredients at a really reasonable price. Basic cosmetics and functional cosmetics as well as nomads, so I was busy moving around. I think I can really settle down now. Please, let Derma Factory flourish because I have to use it a lot.

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