TOP 10 LANEIGE in 2022 by Korean Consumers- Best Korean Skincare

TOP 10 LANEIGE in 2022 by Korean Consumers

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This time, we will talk about which LANEIGE product is really popular locally in Korea 2022. To avoid any bias or subjectivity, We pick the TOP 10 products based on the aggregate review data of multiple major online shops in Korea. We strongly believe in the collective intelligence of ordinary people like you and me rather than a few influential genius or celebrities. And this article is only for unisex skincare. So we exclude all the makeup or men-only products such as "Neo Cushion".

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1. Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer (AKA Cream Skin Refiner in Korea) 

KOREA:⭐4.8/5 (+23,400 reviews)    

AMAZON:⭐4.6/5 (+130 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Moisturizing: I was able to feel the moisture in the very first step after using Laneige Cream Skin.

Breakout: I like the fact that even when used alone, it gives a fresh finish without any irritation or dryness.

Effect: The dryness has improved a lot, and I think the biggest effect is that the skin texture is smoother.


2. Radian-C Cream

KOREA:⭐4.7/5 (+10,700 reviews)  

AMAZON:⭐4.5/5 (+80 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Fragrance: Fortunately, the special scent goes away after a while

Effects: It's not a moisturizing gel cream, it's rather an ampoule or essence, and it's perfect use as a finishing cream.

Moisturizing: I applied it regularly morning and night, and my skin tone seemed to have brightened a lot.


3. Lip Sleeping Mask Berry

KOREA:⭐4.8/5 (+6,680 reviews)

AMAZON:⭐4.7/5 (+8,150 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Scent: I personally like the berry scent the most.

Moisturizing: It's mainly for moisturizing, not for exfoliating. Vaseline or Blistex is better to call dead skin cells.

Exfoliating: It was moistful and spread well, and some dead skin cells were cleaned up after sleeping.


4. Water Sleeping Mask

KOREA:⭐4.8/5 (+4,900 reviews)

AMAZON:⭐4.6/5 (+1,990 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Moisturizing: After washing my face the next day, I could feel my skin getting moist.

Soothing: I bought this on the recommendation of an acquaintance, and after using the whole bottle, I bought it again because I liked the fact that it soothes troubles and relieves dryness.

Lightweight: It has a texture that feels like a water cream and is not heavy at all.


5. Cream Skin Mist

KOREA:⭐4.8/5 (+3,800 reviews)

AMAZON:⭐4.6/5 (+40 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

 Moisturizing: When I spray it on, I feel the moisture immediately, so I leave a product review right away.

Convience: The spraying power is also very good.

Absorption: Moisturizing and absorbing well


6. CICA Sleeping Mask

KOREA:⭐4.8/5 (+2,900 reviews)

AMAZON:⭐4.6/5 (+270 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Calming: I applied it thoroughly, and when I woke up in the morning, my skin was calm and looked good.

Moisturizing: it's the best. It has better moisturizing power than the existing Laneige Sleeping Mask. The next morning, it is moist and not dry and feels good.

Texture: It has a soft texture, not an irritating scent, so can be used comfortably.


7. Water Bank Hydro Cream

KOREA:⭐4.8/5 (+2,800 reviews)

AMAZON:⭐ n/a 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Scent: I liked the scent so much that I thought I would buy more as soon as I applied it.

Moisturzing: I was unsatisfied with a previous light moisturizing cream, so I bought this highly moisturizing cream.

No irritation: I like it because of no irritation


8. Perfect Renew Youth Retinol Pro

KOREA:⭐4.7/5 (+2,930 reviews)

AMAZON:⭐ n/a


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Effectiveness: It suits my skin well, so I am looking forward to the effect and will continue to use it.

Wrinkle reduction: These days, I am really worried about the pores and fine wrinkles that get bigger as I get older, but if you have the same problem as me, you should buy this.

Scent: It doesn't smell like mom's massage cream, but it smells like a flower.


9.Water Bank Hydro Essence

KOREA:⭐4.8/5 (+2,370 reviews)

AMAZON:⭐ n/a


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Moisture barrier: It felt like it had a strong moisturizing effect by adding a moisture barrier to dry skin.

Scent: Personally, I like the scent of "water bank hydro essence" rather than the "water bank moisture essence".

Relieving acne: My skin is dry and acne-prone, but when I applied it, my acne decreased a lot.


10. Phyto-Alexin Hydrating & Calming Ampoule

KOREA:⭐4.7/5 (+2,040 reviews)



🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Pimple reduction: I feel like I don't get pimples when I use it with the sample cream together little by little.

Moisturizing: It also feels a little more moisturizing than I expected. I use several cosmetics in winter, and even using this ampoule alone, it solves the dryness, so it is very convenient to use even in busy mornings.

Effect: The skin feels soft and smooth, so it definitely has the effect of calming the dead skin cells.

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