TOP 10 Dr. Jart+ in 2022 by Korean Consumers - Best Korean Skincare

TOP 10 Dr. Jart+ in 2022 by Korean Consumers

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This time, we will check which Dr.Jart+ product is really popular in Korea 2022. To avoid any bias or subjectivity, We pick TOP 10 skincare products based on the aggregate review data of major online shops in Korea. We strongly believe in the collective intelligence of ordinary people like you and me rather than a few influential genius or celebrities.

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1.Cicapair™ Cream

KOREA:⭐4.8/5 (+13,700 reviews)    

AMAZON:⭐4.4/5 (+520 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Effect: The redness has disappeared a lot, the big acne is gone, and it seems to come out as a small acne.

Texture: If you don't have very dry skin like me, the formula is a bit squishy, so I don't think it would be bad to apply just this.

Break out: I have breakout and this is a cream that suits me well. I have often heard that my skin has become clearer around me. It is impossible to replace a moisturizing cream with this. I apply cicapair cream to the areas where breakout comes up easily, and then apply ceramidin cream all over the face. 


2. Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution™

KOREA:⭐4.7/5 (+5,250 reviews)  

AMAZON:⭐4.6/5 (+820 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Moisturzing: It is moist and hydrated longer than other packs. If I do this mask pack last night and wake up in the morning, my skin texture improves and my makeup goes well. I've tried several other Dr. Jart lines, but the Hydra Pack was the best for moisturizing!

Calming: After I use it, my skin feels calm the next day, so my makeup goes well and so normally use 1 pack a day! Since the sheet is thin, it adheres to the face and contains enough essence, so even after using it once, a lot of essence remains. So, after about 10 minutes, lightly re-apply the remaining essence to keep the moisture for longer!

Absorption: It replenishes moisture and soothes the skin tired from the hot summer heat and the mask. Other mask packs often come off the skin, but this mask pack sticks well to the skin and the essence of the mask pack absorbs well.


3. Dermakeup Rejuvenating Beauty Balm SPF35 PA++

KOREA:⭐4.7/5 (+5,250 reviews)



🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Adherence: It was my first purchase, so I couldn't check whether it was right for my skin or not, so I bought it after reading reviews. When I tried it on my own, it was much better than I expected.It's not sticky, but it adheres well, so when you sweat, you only sweat, and your makeup doesn't come off!!!

Irritation: I used to only use foundation every time, but after getting the vaccine, my skin turned upside down, so my pimples were like adult acne and my skin became sensitive. So I thought that BB cream would be less irritating than foundation, and bought it. When I tried to apply BB again, I was embarrassed because it turned gray, but when I applied it, it was no different from when I applied foundation.  I definitely like the BB cream because it doesn't irritate the skin.

Color:I bought this to cover up the treatment scars lightly after dermatology laser treatment. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin and the color is brighter and nicer than the BB cream I've felt before. I like it because it feels less irritating to the skin than a cushion.


4. Ceramidin™ Cream

KOREA:⭐4.8/5 (+4,920 reviews)

AMAZON:⭐4.7/5 (+1,800 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Effect: When I was stressed, the skin barrier broke down, and I got redness, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and millet acne, so even makeup did not cover my bad skin condition. So I tried steroid ointment and oral medications, but nothing worked. But surprisingly, my skin in this bad condition improved a lot after using Ceramidin Cream.

Absorption: I have been using this product for a few years now. Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream is viscous but absorbs well. I liked it because it didn't have that much scent. Even if I skip the lotion and apply this cream after my skin, it's really moist and my skin doesn't feel tight until morning. All Dr. Jart products are non-irritating, so I use other cosmetics as well.

Moisturizing: Since I have dehydrated oily skin, the inside is dry, if I use an oily skincare product, my face will become more greasy, making it shiny and troublesome. So I usually finish it with aloe gel in summer, but it dries quickly and feels tight, so I ordered Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream to apply it like a thin protective layer at last step. If you apply a lot, it will be oily and messy, but if you apply it thinly and absorb it well, it will feel light and moist inside.


5. Ctrl-A Teatreetment™ Soothing Spot 

KOREA:⭐4.7/5 (+4,870 reviews)



🚩Review summary (translated to English)

 Effect: Since wearing a mask has become a daily routine, my skin, which started to get worse once, is getting worse and worse. "Ha.. how much worse will it get here..?" Every time I looked in the mirror, I had a lot of worries and anxieties like this, but I started to use Dr. Jart  Crtl-A Teatreetment Soothing and took more care in cleansing, recovery seems to be faster than before!

inflammation: This is a revolution, because of my mask, the inflammation started around my mouth and around my nose and then to my forehead. So I went to the dermatologist and kept getting injections for inflammation and taking medicine, but it didn't get better. So while taking antibiotics, I used antibiotics and everything, but the skin on my face came off. So I bought this and continued to use it, and my skin, which was really bad, got a lot better. All inflammation is gone

Acne: I bought it for my daughter's acne, and the performance is definitely good. I think this is more effective than the soothing gel. My daughter applied this product at night after applying the gel and after repeating this routine for about a month, 2/3 of the millet pimples and acne marks that had spread all over her forehead disappeared. I am very satisfied and will buy again. My daughter also sees improvement in her skin, and she uses this product even harder.


6. Cicapair™ Calming Gel Cream

KOREA:⭐4.8/5 (+4,850 reviews)

AMAZON:⭐4.6/5 (+275 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Texture: This is a product I chose after testing it in the store for summertime use. I've already used one bottle and I'm satisfied with it, so I bought it again! It spreads well and the formula is light and does not feel stuffy. I tend to apply it generously after using a toner pad or exfoliating pad. It's different for each person, but it's a comfortable product that doesn't irritate my skin.

Oil moisture balance: Since I have very oily skin, if I use a moisturizing cream incorrectly, my skin becomes upside down with oil and breakout, so I only use an oil-free moisturizer. But since I'm over 30, my skin seems to lose its elasticity, so I've been trying various moisturizing creams, but it's not easy to find a product that balances oil and moisture. Besides, since it's summer, I've been applying only aloe gel for a while, but it flies away quickly and my skin becomes flaky again. So I bought this product and am using it, and I don't have any problems and it's good. It's a neat moisturizing cream that doesn't feel oily at all. And I'm satisfied because my skin gets plump after application. If your skin becomes dry or irritated due to the air from the air conditioner, it is good to apply it little by little.

Effect: I'm using this cream for the 4th time now and I really like it. After using this, my skin has improved so much that even people I don't know say that my skin is good. I'm too lazy to take care of my skin, so I simply apply this cream in the morning and evening. The gel-type usually cream suits me well, but this is really the best.. I don't know about the ingredients, but it doesn't seem to irritate the skin.


7. Dermask Water Jet Soothing Hydra Solution™

KOREA:⭐4.7/5 (+4,500 reviews)

AMAZON:⭐ 4.6/5 (+324 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Effect:This is the product I buy whenever the weather is hot. It's getting hotter these days, so I sweat a lot, and my skin feels sagging and loses elasticity. Also, because of the heat, sebum secretion is increased and exposure to UV rays has increased, so my skin has become sensitive. Since this product has a fresh finish without being greasy, it is very good to finish it with a moisturizing cream or eye cream after using this product. If I apply this pack before I put on my makeup, my makeup goes well and my puffy face swells down.

Texture: The main ingredients seem to contain a lot of good ingredients such as birch, aloe vera, phytoncide, etc. There is no stickiness when fully absorbed, so I think it would be good for those who do not like the sticky feeling. The formula is a little heavier than I thought.. I cleaned the dead skin cells with toner and applied the serum. The effect was maximized. The mask pack seemed to stick well, and the amount of ampoule was large enough to apply it all over the body after using it all up! It was good because it was effective in soothing facial heat and replenishing moisture to the skin. If you have oily skin, it might be a little heavy. I have dry skin, so in the winter, after doing this, I wait and then apply the cream, but if you have oily skin, this product alone is good.

Moisturizing: In the past, my skin was dry, so I applied it quickly and felt moisturized the next day. This time, I bought it again because of the good experience of that time. It is especially good to use on a very dry winter day. When the skin keeps pulling and it is not resolved with any lotion and feels dry, apply this and wake up without applying any other lotion. (I'm oily-combination, so it may be that I don't feel dry.) I tend to use a mask pack only when it's dry, and I don't usually do it. I do it only when I feel really dry, so I think that the effect can be seen more clearly how much this pack can compensate for the dryness. I recommend this product because you can feel the moisture all day the next day.


8. Ceramidin™ Facial Barrier Mask

KOREA:⭐4.7/5 (+3,800 reviews)

AMAZON:⭐ 4.7/5 (+260 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Moisturizing: This mask pack is very moisturizing for me as I have dehydrated oily skin that lacks moisture. This mask pack as well as other products in the Ceramidin line have a long-lasting moisturizing effect, so they are perfect for use in cold weather. The sheet is soft, there is no irritation, and it adheres well to the skin. In addition, it is more moisturizing than a water-type mask pack, so it is good to use when your skin is suddenly dry or flaky. I have some small dead skin cells on my skin, and in the fall and winter, this mask pack solves it. I use it when exfoliating is cumbersome and I want to take care of everything with a pack! I have dehydrated oily skin, so if I use this mask pack too often, my skin becomes very oily, so I use it for moisturizing once or twice a month.

Effect: The sheet is thin and soft material. And the adhesion is good! This pack seems to have a larger sheet size than the other packs. In particular, the horizontal area and the chin part are very wide, so the forehead part was a little lacking for me. Other packs normally have a watery essence, but this pack has a thicker essence. I didn't know much about this right after using this pack, but after 2-3 days, my skin definitely got improved. When I usually wash my face, my skin felt tight, but after using this pack, my skin becomes really soft and smooth. When I used other packs, it also had a soothing effect and replenishes some moisture at a certain level, but this is the first time that my skin texture has changed so clearly.

Soothing: It is good for calming I had a feeling that millet acne would rise, so I put it in the refrigerator and tried it, and the next day it calmed down a lot, and after using it for a few more days, the acne almost disappeared. I also used more skin lotion.


9.Cicapair™ Sleepair Ampoule-in Mask

KOREA:⭐4.7/5 (+3,050 reviews)

AMAZON:⭐ 4.8/5 (+20 reviews) 


🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Effect:  My skin was turned upside down to the point that it tingled, and no matter how much I used the products I had at home, there was no sign of improvement. So I almost cried while browsing the internet and found this product. I bought it and only used it for 3 days, and my skin returned to normal. My skin is even better than before. It's really, really, really, really good. It's crazy. Now, when I touch my skin, it becomes soft. The best thing is that it soothes the skin + reduces acne a lot. It definitely reduces acne and makes my skin look much better. The downside is that it is a formula that does not absorb perfectly, so you should not apply it too much. must be applied thinly

Texture: The formula is slightly viscous, like a mixture of starch powder. When rubbed, this sticky feeling disappears and it is applied gently. The fragrance is unscented, but the fragrance of the raw material itself is mildly refreshing and cool. The spreadability is also good. Unlike the chewy texture, it spreads softly when rubbed. There is a feeling of being covered with a thin oil film, and the gloss is slightly turned. I don't like the feeling of being covered with a film, but this one has a slightly oily feel, so it was okay. It's comfortable and doesn't irritate the skin. Instead, it leaves a bit of stickiness, so if you apply it and lay on your side, it will feel a bit uncomfortable! On a tiring day, I slept with only this product on without applying anything, and my skin condition was good in the morning. I liked that it felt soft to the touch when I washed my face with water. It definitely seems to have a sleep effect! Just like an all-in-one, it's comfortable to apply only this product and sleep.I also liked that it stayed moist for a long time.

Moisturizing: My skin is dry, so even after I apply lotion and cream at night, my skin is still dry the next day. So, I bought this product through an internet search to try the most famous sleeping pack!! I'm so glad I bought it. It spreads smoothly and, above all, the moisture lasts for a long time. I apply this product thinly to my skin like a lotion before going to bed every night. Then the next day my skin doesn't seem to be flaky!!!!! Except for summer, in spring, autumn and winter, I will continue to repurchase and use again. As a dual functional cosmetic, it is said to be effective in whitening and wrinkle improvement, but I am not sure about this part. Recommended for those with sensitive and dry skin!! It also seems to be good for soothing the skin. Even if you don't have dry skin in winter, if you use it, your makeup will look good the next day.


10. Cicapair™ Toner

KOREA:⭐4.8/5 (+3,010 reviews)



🚩Review summary (translated to English)

Pimple reduction: I am a 43 year old lady. I am gaining weight and my eating habits are unbalanced.. Pimples appeared on the chin, forehead, cheeks, and on the side of the nose a month or two ago. I didn't think it was because of the cosmetics, but it was getting worse, so I changed my basic skincare cosmetics to cicapair products just in case. I've been using it for 3 days, and the sebum on my chin has decreased a lot, and the acne on my forehead is shrinking in size. The effect is satisfactory, but it is a pity that the capacity is a little small. It has a little moisture, but it doesn't make the skin tight. Rather, should I say that it gets a little greasy in the morning? That's why I don't even apply the cream in the morning. generally satisfied

Scent: I like the natural scent so it feels good every time I use it. Other brands of cica toner tend to lose moisture quickly, but this product is more moist than I thought and soft when applied. It feels soothing! Above all, the narrow entrance of the container makes it easy to control the amount used, convenient to use, and hygienic. It is easy to control the amount of use, so there is less waste. I've been using it for a month and I'm surprised I didn't use it as much as I thought I would 100% repurchase.

Soothing: I am one person who suffers from itching and redness over every changing season. I trusted the cica ingredient and bought it, but it is the best in soothing. The Body Shop Cica Toner or this product, I was debating between the two, but I was tond that The Body Shop product was stimulating, so I bought Dr. Jart products. I think I made a right choice. This product doesn't have irritation peculiar to other cica products, so it is good to use even on days when skin is sensitive. Satisfied~!

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