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Indepth Knowledge Microbiome for Skincare : vol. 1

Microbiome is a relatively new trend in skincare world. Maybe that’s the reason there are not many good articles about this topic based on solid scientific research. In Korean old saying, knowing little is worse than knowing nothing. Especially it is true regarding skincare knowledge because it is directly applied to your precious skin.


If the knowledge goes wrong, you have to pay the price. You may go see a dermatologist because of unexpected breakout. Again our article is not fun to read like a celebrity gossip. But we are still proud that our article can save you from unnecessary trial on error caused by the poor information mixed with marketing contamination.

One of the things regarded much more important than the human gene is the microbiota, which refers to the micro-organism itself. “Microbiome” is a compound word for microbiota and genome and collectively refers to a community of microorganisms or their genomes. Microbiome acts on all body immune systems and body diseases and also it is involved in quite a lot of parts. This is why the microbiome is called the second brain or the second genome.

Then which body part has the greatest number of microbiomes? It is the gut(=intestine). Numerous researches about the gut-skin axis and gut-brain-skin have been published. These approaches in entirely new ways and such relationships are much more diverse than we think.


A rat was injected with micro-organisms from the shit of a fat person. The other rat was injected with micro-organisms from the shit of a slim person. Then the rat injected from the fat person got fat, too. On the other hand, the other rat didn’t show weight changes. The experiment was conducted in the same condition without any changes and two rats showed such a difference. When this research was published in 2013, people started to think micro-organisms had such a huge influence on the body.

When it comes to micro-organisms, we always mention probiotics. As we eat food, it comes through a long curvy pipe from the mouth to the anus where most micro-organisms are located. This pipe is covered with membranes and it completely separated from other organs. Many problematic microbes come inside the body when eating. The body needs different processes for killing unnecessary bacteria while absorbing necessary nutrients.

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