In and out for Wholesale 


  • If you want to buy a large quantity of a certain item and you are O.K. with marine shipping (on average, 1.5 month to USA or Europe), we can offer you a very competitive price.
  • If you want a product from small brands, we will directly contact the brand owner and negociate the price to maximize your profit.
  • The product is not limited to the ones in this online shop. We can get you whatever you need as long as it is cosmetic product made in Korea.
  • The direct whatsapp number for wholesale: +8210-2361-2178 or email us at hello@bestkoreanskincare.kr
  • For example, as of Aug 25th 2022, we are selling 100 units of KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm at USD 1,600 including the express shipping to US or closer destinations from South Korea.You can make a decent profit by reselling this product. Check the Amazon price!!! We also do wholesale on many world best korean skincare brands such as cosrx, laneige, faceshop, innisfree, missha, some by mi, etude house, dr jart, iope, I'm from, isntree, thank you farmer etc.
KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm Wholesale


If you are looking for a customer-friendly Korean Skincare supplier, you are in the right place. Our wholesale business is managed quite differently from the online retail store. We do our best to provide a customized solution for our clients with different needs.

First, it is a bit over-generalization to say, but in many cases, the wholesale price can be way lower than the retail price. You would be very surprised at our wholesale price depending on certain items. The rule of thumb is that small and low-weighted items are the best case for the extremely low price. In retail cosmetic export like an online shop, the shipping fee is a key determinant to set the price because we always use expensive air transportation and there is no shipping fee discount for small weight.

When you look at our retail prices across product types, you will figure out serum or cream is good and toner and large cleanser are just so so compared to local stores in your place. This is all due to the shipping fee But if you buy a large quantity, there is a significant discount on the shipping fee, and we will return this money to you. Let say, you buy 10kg of one item. The cost of the first 1 kg is much higher than the last 1kg because the incremental cost for adding another 1 kg substantially decreases as the shipping weight increases.


korean skincare wholesale

Second, the wholesale price of the best-selling items from global brands like Laneige, COSRX, etc can be discounted big time. For the best-selling items, cosmetic companies are confident to sell huge quantities all around the world and they do mass production at a very low cost. In this case, it is highly likely to find a very good deal in Korea. But there is one exception. Sometimes, a certain item is very popular aboard, but it's not in Korea. For example, COSRX BHA Blackhead power liquid is popular aboard but in Korea, the review count is only 118. Normally, it's not easy to buy this kind of item at a good price in Korea because there is no reason for the first domestic distributors to have a large inventory of unpopular items.

Third, you may be looking for small brands with several popular items. In this case, if you place an order, we will talk to the cosmetic brand directly and negotiate the price to give you a better deal. Because this is a direct buy from a brand without middlemen, the price is normally awesome. But here is one thing to know. Small brands have a limited production capacity, so they may not maintain a large inventory in their warehouse. We will check the inventory issue in advance if you are interested in a certain item before placing an order.


Fourth, again, the shipping cost is a big holy cow to disturb buying cheap. If you are ok with a long shipping time, we think marine transportation is an excellent choice to save more money. It takes about 1 month or a little bit longer to arrive in the US if there is no custom clearance issue. We will return the money saved from marine transportation to you.

If you already have an established sales channel in your local market, buying stock at wholesale price is not a bad idea. We expect a very thin margin especially for wholesale business because maintaining a close connection with large distributors through wholesale is a really big plus to our retail E-commerce. Every profit except our skinnish thin margin is all yours. And we accept L/C and T/T.

We can serve you better when we know your need more. If you have any questions, feel free to ask through our instant messenger on the right bottom of our website or email us at hello@bestkoreanskincare.kr.

Best Korean Skincare Team