MOQ is only 100 units !!

If you have been dreaming to start your cosmetic brand but still don't realize it because of the budget constraints or high MOQ (normally 5,000 units) required by a manufacturer, you are in the right place to make your dream come true. 

Joint-Ventured with a high-quality Korean cosmetic manufacturer specializing in micro MOQ, we happily offer you the "MADE IN KOREA" OEM opportunity with only 100 MOQ. And this is one-stop shopping covering product development to package design. No hassle. No headache.

What You Have to Do

Just let us know your reference product and the concept idea about your cosmetic product. That's it. After that, we can gradually make your dream materialized through proactive communication with you.


korean cosmetics MOQ

 * Up to 3 time ingredient sample is included in the initial payment. If you need more, some additional fee will be charged on the final payment.


* We keep the leftover Label and Package box for 6 months and you can use them for the next production.

From the 2nd lot production using the remaining label and package boxes, your cost will be significantly reduced to Recipe Manufacturing + Container only.

As your production quantity per lot increases, the cost will substantially decrease enough to make you rich quick. We are sure you would be very surprised when you find out the cost per unit for the mass production (MOQ:5,000)

Time table for manufacturing your cosmetics OEM

The development period of the final recipe formula takes up the largest proportion of the timetable. If a brand owner is happy about the first recipe sample, then the whole schedule would be significantly shortened. But if there are back and forths on finalizing the recipe (sample/feedback => sample/feedback => sample/feedback.....), the recipe development time has to be extended to 2 months or so. Therefore, 45 working days is just an indicative number. In reality, it can be shorter or longer depending on the situation of the brand owner.

Other Things You Need to Know

  • We never reuse or copy and paste the recipe even from our previous OEM products. Each recipe is unique so that your product can distinctively stand out from numberless copycats without soul.  
  • If you want to use ingredients that the K-beauty industry doesn't commonly use, the production cost may increase.
  • If you want to use your package and label design, the design cost will be waived. In that case, you need to send the design files to us.



    Contact us any time through email at hello@bestkoreanskincare.kr or WhatsApp at +8210-2361-2178